ITGilde Broodfonds

The broodfonds for ICT Professionals

The ITGilde broodfonds is one of the initiatives from ITGilde Cooperative.

Every self-employed person would like to have his/her Disability Insurance (AOV) properly arranged. However, such insurance is quite expensive. The conditions for acceptance are strict, especially if there are ‘risky matters’ for insurers in your history and when can you really claim this?
And that Premium: it is guaranteed to disappear into the insurer’s pot.
Reason enough to postpone doing research for your AOV, unless you of course you are a member of ITGilde.

As an entrepreneur, you are always working to keep your company on track.

Your commitment is 110%. If you don’t work, no money is being earned, so you arrange it in such a way that things go well. And if it doesn’t worked out as planned, then it has to be the way it goes! A flu keeps you in bed, but a cold and a slightly heavy head after a weekend out with your friends will not keep you away from the client.

But if you are really ill, what happens then?

ITGilde offers its members an alternative to AOV insurance: the ITGilde broodfonds, so you are able to secure your income in case you can no longer work. The bread fund is managed by a (separate) board and this can receive requests for benefits. This benefit is a tax-free donation from the other participants in the bread fund (a donation between citizens in the Netherlands is tax-free up to a limit) and together the participants ensure that the applicant receives his pre-agreed benefit.

The ITGilde Broodfonds is a healthy broodfonds

Because everyone within the Bread Fund knows each other, requests will not simply be made. So there must really be something going on to get someone to make a request. Of course, the board checks this, but trust and relationships are important within the bread fund. Abuse is virtually unknown due to social control.
The ITGilde Broordfonds has been around for a few years now and is a healthy broodfonds with approximately 40 members.


More information about broodfonds

The Broodfonds founders (the 1st broodfonds and currently supporting 140 different broodfonds in the Netherlands) helped ITGilde set up and now supports the management and settlement of the affairs within ITGilde Broodfonds.

For general information about Broodfonds, visit the website of Broodfondsmakers or watch the YouTube video:

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