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Actively manage your own career. At ITGilde Cooperative we offer
you a helping hand.

The knowledge and skills that were sufficient to perform a job for years, can now be falling behind. And if not now, then most likely in the near future in this ever changing world.

So what do you do as an ICT Professional: waiting for your skills to become absolutely outdated and useless, and loose your job?
Or, will you follow your curiosity, explore options and pro-actively take steps in developing your professional career?

Ideally you take action and be at the steering wheel of your professional career, right? However, it seems not a priority right now.
But you are wrong: Career management should be a high priority!

Increase your career opportunities

Technology and businesses are changing rapidly and it is important to change along. And if you start thinking about your skills and capabilities only at the moment you are searching for a new adventure, your options can be very, very limited.

So if you want to be ready for opportunities in the future, consider your career development like software development, and patch your career to prepare yourself for the release of an interesting career.

How the ITGilde Career Patch helps you

Patch management is serious business. It is often mistakenly assumed by IT management that administrators ‘can do that on the side’. But in practice, these type of actions get lost due to work pressure, production disrupting incidents and other administrator activities.

This could be the same for your professional life: there is little room for reflection and action to actively plan your career.

That is why we offer the ITGilde Career Patch. It’s like a software patch with a twofold purpose:

  1. Provide insight into the current state of vulnerabilities in your career.
  2. Create an up-to-date resume, which makes your knowledge and skills compliant with today’s requirements.

Determining your career patch

The interview

The career patch starts with determining the current status of your knowledge and skills. We do this by means of a patch interview in which we map out the (potential) issues that play a role in your career, resulting in an issue log.

In this analysis we not only appreciate the hard skills you master, we also look at the soft skills. After all, in addition to an up-to-date knowledge level, the modern IT professional must be able to sell himself well, create his own network and know how to handle the personal skills that are required in the working environment.

In het patchinterview krijgt u inzicht in de stand van zaken van de operationele versie van uw persoonlijke besturingssysteem en beschikt u over een issuelog met de issues die een rol spelen bij uw IT-kennis en -vaardigheden.

De tweede stap is het samen met u opstellen van een patchlijst. De volgorde van de patches wordt bepaald door te beoordelen hoe kritiek de kwetsbaarheden zijn. Dus eerst de kritieke patches en daarna de aanvullende fixes.

Your personal career roadmap

The result is a roadmap of all patches and a path in developing your skills and competences and we can help you with taking the next step(s).

At ITGilde we have more than 20 years of experience in keeping IT professionals up-to-date. We know what it takes to make you a compliant and frequently asked IT professional again, simply by patching!


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