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ITGilde Cooperative U.A. is a cooperative association whose members are all entrepreneurs. Within the cooperative, the focus is on professional development and on assignments that fit this development.

ITGilde is a unique, innovative organization that goes off the beaten track to achieve the best quality solution for our customers.

We provide advice, training and an active community: STRONGER, SMARTER AND BETTER TOGETHER!

Why join ITGilde

Stronger together

ITGilde bundles expertise in the open source DevOps spectrum and clients know by now. Consultants, trainers and other professionals find great assignments through ITGilde.

Smarter together

Just as with the former craft guild, the exchange of knowledge and experience is central. We make each other smarter during training, knowledge sessions, tech talks and networking events.

Better together

The cooperative encourages members to be able to rely on each other’s professional reflection and areas of experience – with the aim of carrying out the assignment with the client as successfully as possible.

Stringer, smarter, better together

What do our members say

Chris Morris

Being self-emplyed, life can sometimes be lonely, with limited access to information and support. That is why I became a member of ITGilde, a network of IT entrepreneurs with in-depth knowledge. Here I did not only find answers to my questions, but my own input is also appreciated. Thanks to ITGilde, I was able to set up a group for Privileged Access Management (CyberArk), which allowed us to develop new capabilities and win new orders. In short, joining ITGilde was one of my best decisions!

Christopher Peeters

Thanks to ITGilde, I have found a great group of professionals. With its members I can exchange experiences and share knowledge regarding freelancing and technical issues.
As a result, I have been able to grow much faster in my professional activities and I am stronger in my negotiations with customers, partners and suppliers.
In addition, ITGilde also offers me a platform where I can share and try out ideas and new insights.

Peter Harnisch

Freelancing is great, but you also have to arrange a lot of things that you don’t really want to do. ITGilde takes away a lot of the hassle of freelancing. They arrange jobs, conduct negotiations and offer evening courses so that I can work my billable hours during the day.
Moreover, sparring with like-minded people during fun drinks provides new insights.

You are welcome to attend our public events and meet current members.
See our calendar. Please register in advance.

This is how you become a member

Are you an independent ICT Professional and do you want to work on interesting, challenging assignments?

Do you want to grow, do you see opportunities and do you believe in the power of collaboration?

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